Dispute regarding Ållonö Castle settled

The dispute between Anders Sydborg’s bankruptcy estate and Vikbolandets Fastighets AB regarding the right to the property Ållonö Castle, previously owned by Anders Sydborg and in the bankruptcy recovered to the estate, has now ended through a settlement which has been confirmed by the District Court by judgement. The settlement means that Vikbolandets Fastighets AB renounces all claims relating to the castle and its contents, and admit that the bankruptcy estate has title to the property.

The settlement was reached after the bankruptcy estate a short time ago won another case against the owner of Vikbolandets Fastighets AB, regarding other goods he had claimed from the estate. In that case, the court had in much the same questions to try as in the case regarding the castle. The court rejected all claims regarding handing over of goods, and according to the court, the person claiming the ownership to the property was merely acting as a ”front figure” to Anders Sydborg in his plan to keep his assets in practice, despite his tax debt and the bankruptcy that followed.

Ållonö Castle has previously been sold by the bankruptcy estate, and the settlement with Vikbolandets Fastighets AB means that the new owner shortly can take possession to the property.

Henrik Stenberg is the trustee in the bankruptcy, and the litigations has been handled by Hanna Vikström as representative for the bankruptcy estate.

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