Win in court dispute against Söderköping municipality

Avenir has represented Gabriella Andersson and Craig Hill in a dispute with Söderköping municipality regarding a claim from the municipality of more than half a million kronor for old electricity bills. Following a trial at Norrköping District Court, the court rejected the municipality’s action and ordered the municipality to pay our clients legal costs of approximately SEK 400,000.

It all started in 2009 with the couple Gabriella and Craig buying Engelholm’s school in Sankt Anna from Söderköping municipality. The municipality had an electricity contract for the property which was never terminated after the transfer. Gabriella and Craig talked to the municipality about this and according to them, the parties agreed that the municipality would continue to pay for the electricity until an electricity meter was installed. The reason for this was that the electricity for a water pump not belonging to the property and lighting for a public road also charged the property, and they wanted to be able to separate these costs. However, the municipality did not install the electricity meter, despite assertions from Gabriella and Craig.

Ten years after the sale, the municipality installed the electricity meter and suddenly wanted compensation for all the electricity bills that had been paid over the years with just over half a million kronor. We contested the claim on behalf of Gabriella and Craig on a number of different grounds, including the aforementioned oral agreement that the municipality would be responsible for the electricity bills until the electricity meter was installed, which we proved in the trial. The district court dismissed the municipality’s action already on this ground, meaning that the municipality must pay all costs in the dispute.


Through an company acquisition, Fastighets AB Ritsaren has once again expanded its property portfolio with an industrial property on the outskirts of Norrköping. Avenir has represented Ritsaren in the acquisition, with i.a. negotiations with the seller, drafting contracts and closing.

Win in arbitration against Övratorp Förvaltning AB

Avenir has represented Hisscentralen Närke AB in arbitration proceedings at the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce against Övratorp Förvaltning AB, regarding retrieval of additional purchase consideration at an company acquisition, due to breach of contract of the seller. Hisscentralen was fully successful in the dispute and the other party was also obliged to pay Hisscentralen’s all legal costs.

Avenir has represented NEAB Gruppen in the acquisition of GTEL Sverige

NEAB Gruppen AB has acquired GTEL Sverige AB from ED Gruppen AB. The company has about 30 employees and annual sales of around SEK 60 million. Through the acquisition, NEAB Gruppen strengthens its position in central Sweden. Avenir has represented NEAB Gruppen in the negotiations with ED Gruppen as well as drafting contracts and closing.

Wins in disputes against Finnish HPP Europe Oy

Avenir has represented Titab Pac AB in two disputes against the Finnish company HPP Europe Oy, which has sued Titab Pac twice at Norrköping District Court. In the first dispute, Titab Pac made a counter claim regarding payment for an order for bottle filling and certain material, whereby HPP was obliged to pay about SEK 900,000 to Titab for the order, according to a judgment from the court in the middle of 2016. Due to that HPP didn´t payed in accordance with the verdict, we applied for foreclosure on Titab’s behalf at the Finnish Utsökningsverket, which resulted in that HPP at last had to pay the entire sum including interest. Although HPP in the first dispute denied that any order was made, the company sued Titab Pac again in the spring of 2018 regarding issuance of the “ordered” delivery and payment of approximately SEK 3 million for damages etc. due to alleged errors in delivered goods and non-delivery of some bottles. Titab disputed the claim and after lengthy negotiations in the district court, HPP completely reversed, and an agreement was concluded resulting in HPP having to withdraw its case and pay all of Titab Pac’s costs.

Avenir has assisted Torewa Fastighets in several transfers

Torewa Fastighets AB has sold four commercial properties in Norrköping to Mapon Fastigheter AB, carried out through four company transfers. The four properties contain a total rentable area of approximately 6 000 square meters.

Avenir has assisted the seller Torewa in the transaction, including drafting contracts, negotiations and closing.



Through the acquisition of Vårdtornet Parkering AB, Magnentus has again expanded its real estate portfolio with a newly built multistory car park in the center of Norrköping. Seller has been the municipal company Norrköping Parkering AB.

Avenir has represented the buyer Magnentus in the acquisition, including drafting contracts and closing.


Sahlin Fastigheter AB has transferred “the Crown Jewel” – as Torsten Sahlin called it – Söderköping Udden 2 through a company transfer to 3 N Bostäder AB, an affiliate to 3 N Fastigheter AB. The property is located in the outskirts of Söderköping and has a larger number of residential apartments. Through the acquisition, 3 N has once again expanded its property holdings in Östergötland.

Avenir has assisted in the transfer regarding inter alia contract writing and closing.


Since the summer 2018, Avenir has assisted various buyers and sellers in a number of business transfers, among others Gigantprint Holding AB in the transfer of Gigantprint AB to the Danish company STIBO Complete A/S. The acquisition establishes STIBO Complete A/S in Sweden. Gigantprint is the market leader in Sweden in the production of graphic material for marketing in stores and for events. The company has about 75 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 150 million.

Furthermore, we have represented Ljungbacka in Svärtinge AB with the acquisition of Elmacron AB. Ljungbacka in Svärtinge is partly owned by Nina Saarvanto who has been CEO of Elmacron for a long time and decided to acquire the company. Elmacron is engaged in the production of various measuring instruments and have been in the industry for over 40 years.

In addition, we have represented Andrum Invest AB on the sale of ERC Systems AB. The company has a turnover of approximately SEK 20 million and is engaged in the relining of surface and waste water pipes.

We have also represented 3N Lyktan AB in connection with the acquisition of the real estate company Ekkällmark AB, which owns the commercial property Elitlaget 2 in Linköping. 3N Lyktan is part of a Group with 3N Fastigheter as the parent company. The Group owns a number of properties in Norrköping and the surrounding area and is continuously expanding.

In all transfers, we have assisted with contract negotiations, drafting contracts and closing.