Settlement reached between Sahlin and Vargarna Speedway

Avenir has represented the former president of Vargarna speedway club, Torsten Sahlin, regarding his claim on Vargarna of 1,9 million SEK. An agreement has now been reached between the parties, whereby Vargarna transfers the whole speedway arena with inventories to Sahlin, and payment for this is made through offset against Sahlins claim on Vargarna. A lease agreement has been signed allowing Vargarna to rent the arena and property from Sahlin during a period of ten years.

The agreement was reached after relatively intensive negotiations. Avenir has represented Sahlin in the negotiations with Vargarna and, among other things, with the drafting the contracts and closing.

Sahlin is very pleased with the settlement, which also has enabled Vargarna to live on as speedway club, despite the debt to Sahlin.

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