Industrial and damage service.

”Corvara has for a long time worked with Avenir, this cooperation has been and is rewarding for both parties. Avenir offers a high level of knowledge within several legal areas, which is a clear advantage for a company like Corvara. A high level of fast service is natural for Avenir.”
Fredrik Eliasson, CEO and Group President, Corvara Industri och skadeservice AB

Corvara is one of the leading suppliers of industrial cleaning and damage service, with operations in all Nordic countries and offices in 35 locations around Sweden. The company, with headquarters in Norrköping, has over 600 employees and an annual turnover of around 700 million SEK.

Avenir provides Corvara and its subsidiaries with ongoing legal assistance, such as drafting agreements, acquisitions, construction law, public procurement issues, and consultation in other various matters.